Common sense approach focused on Problem Solving!

Our Team 


R Square Analytics was formed with an aspiration to "Be the Change We Wanted to See in the World of Decision Science"!

Making the trade-offs between Accuracy, Speed and Cost is always a challenge. In most cases you can only "pick two" throwing the third one completely off the balance:

  1. Solution that is very accurate and fast - but costs a fortune

  2. Solution that is fast and cost effective - but is not very accurate

  3. Solution that is very accurate and cost effective - but takes a long time to deliver

R Square Analytics strives to "Mass Customize Reliable Solutions Economically" and while we are at it .... we stay true to our business philosophy "Common sense approach focused on Problem Solving".

Founder & CEO
Mandar Paradkar
Mindee (Elam) Plugues
Partner Brand Strategy

Technology & Solutions Partner

ANALYTIC EDGE provides technology-enabled analytics solutions in marketing & sales effectiveness.  We integrate technology, industry knowledge and cutting-edge statistical techniques to deliver “fast, cost-efficient and actionable business insights”
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