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R Square Analytics was formed with an aspiration to Be the Change We Wanted to See in the World of Decision Science!

What we do?

R Square Analytics is built to fulfill a simple and practical niche in the industry - Common Sense! We connect business issues with the most appropriate, economical, and speedy analytic solutions. In a world filled with buzzwords like Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, we help organizations maintain their sanity by keeping it simple!

How we do it?

Every business and brand is different and every business challenge requires a strong understanding to devise the simplest yet most effective approach to address it. With deep expertise in each of these areas of analytical solutions, R Square is the partner that will sift through the crowded landscape of buzzwords and research trends, and then develop a custom solution that perfectly fits our client's unique business need. 

 Appropriate  Design

Affordable and Scalable Solutions

Transparent Tools

Speed of Insights

Yellow Suzuki
Image by Jorge Segura

Customized research design for a unique business need.

Minimum viable product approach to ensure pragmatic solutions that can be scaled.

No black boxes, allowing clients to peek under the hood if need be.

Timely delivery of solutions to enable critical decision making

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